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August 2, 2021

Raleigh Child Pornography Lawyer

If you’ve been accused of possessing, selling, or creating child porn in Raleigh, you could face severe charges that will impact your life for years to come. Your lawyer will help you avoid a conviction and recover from these accusations

Being accused of the sexual exploitation of a minor is a dangerous charge. Imprisonment and fines may not even be your top worries. Facing charges involving child pornography can devastate your life and your future, even put your health at risk from a vigilante attack as court records are public information. 

At The Chetson Firm, we know how important it is to act now and face your charges head-on. If you’re struggling to defend your case, your Raleigh child pornography lawyer will fight doggedly in your name to have the charges dismissed or reduced. 

State vs. Federal Penalties for Child Pornography Charges

When you’re facing charges regarding child pornography, you can face charges on both the state and federal level. Your child pornography lawyer in Raleigh will help you determine whether you’ll be charged by the North Carolina or federal government, and what your best options for defending yourself are. 

Typically, federal charges are more severe than state laws. Your case may be tried in federal court for many reasons, including cases that cross state lines. Your lawyer will walk you through the criminal process for your case, whether it’s on the federal or state level.  

Penalties for Child Pornography

Child pornography charges are often devastating, and not just because of your prison sentence. Besides thousands of dollars in fines and imprisonment, you may face long-term social penalties. For example, you may be placed on a sex offender registry. This registry may limit where you can live and work, as well as being a source of shame and potentially putting yourself in danger. 

If you’re convicted on child porn charges in Raleigh, your family may be impacted as well. If you have children, your ex-spouse or child protective services may try to have your parental rights taken away. Without a Raleigh child pornography lawyer to fight these charges, it’s easy to lose rights to your children. 

Defenses for Raleigh Child Pornography Charges 

Because child pornography cases can be so difficult, your lawyer will need to review the details of your case to determine your best possible outcome and how to build a robust best defense in your name.

For example, those charged with the sexual exploitation of a minor may have some evidence dismissed if the police gathered evidence illegally. Your Fourth Amendment rights can help you protect your future. 

Your lawyer will also help you pursue a less punitive outcome. For example, you may be concerned you have no chance to get your charges dismissed. Even in severe cases, your lawyer can still pursue a sentence that requires mental health treatment, not years or decades in prison. 

Seek a Raleigh Child Porn Lawyer for a Strong Defense

When you’re accused of possession, distribution, or creating child pornography, you may face a complex case that will be tough to defend yourself against. But you don’t have to face your charges alone—your lawyer at The Chetson Firm has the tools to address your charges and defend your future. 

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