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Rape: A Lawyer who Defends Against False Accusations

The #MeToo movement has been a welcome corrective to a society that for too long has ignored substantiated accusations of sexual misconduct.  Whether in the workplace or in the personal realm, sexual assault – including harassment, abuse, battery, and rape – should never be tolerated. But, at the same time, in our rush to correct…

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Figure Skating

SafeSport Issues Lifetime Ban

SafeSport issued a lifetime ban barring a once-celebrated U.S. figure skating coach from participating in the sport. The ruling came twenty years after the coach’s governing body, U.S. Figure Skating, refused to act to the allegations because, under the national governing body’s rules, the allegations had not been filed in a timely fashion. The allegations…

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SafeSport Lawyer Responds to Lawsuit

Headquartered in Colorado, SafeSport is a 501(c)(3) organization focused on investigating and stopping emotional, physical, and sexual abuse in various sports organizations. Authorized in 2017 by the Safe Sport Authorization Act, SafeSport “exercise[s] jurisdiction over the corporation, each national governing body, and each paralympic sports organization with regard to safeguarding amateur athletes against abuse, including…

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Dismissal of All Claims, Contract Dispute

When our client sold his refurbished Cessna T210 to a buyer from Nevada for $175,000, the buyer was thrilled, describing the plane the buyer had flown back to Reno in glowing terms. But over time the buyer became dissatisfied with the aircraft, and located a Nevada lawyer to pursue legal action against our client, a…

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Books and Gavel

Joe Biden: The New Jim Crow

Joe Biden may be the worst Democrat to run for political office in the past half-century. Uncle Joe likes to preen about his working-class roots and personal frugality (a hardscrabble Scranton upbringing, a Senator who took Amtrak back-and-forth to Delaware), but, since the very beginning of his time in the U.S. Senate, has been a…

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The Death Penalty Raises Its Head

As I write elsewhere, North Carolina has not executed anyone since 2006. But it is clear that the law in this area is changing, at least at the federal level. Recently the Supreme Court, now with a solid conservative majority, has moved toward reducing procedural protections and review of cases involving capital punishment. As one…

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Execution Chamber

Return of the Death Penalty

North Carolina has not executed anyone since 2006. Yet county District Attorneys have continued to seek the death penalty for people they consider the “worst of the worst.” Since the prosecutor has almost unfettered discretion in choosing those who face the death penalty, the system is fraught with problems. Today, more than 140 people sit…

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I receive mail about David Steven Bell

David Steven Bell has been charged in Buncombe County with assault on a female and assault on a child under the age of 12. He is set to go to court on February 5. Video shows Mr. Bell punching the girl, who reportedly is 11 years old, outside of a mall in Asheville, North Carolina.…

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Assault on a Child: David Steven Bell

51-year-old David Steven Bell of Black Mountain was arrested and charged by Asheville Police with assaulting a child when he first pushed her and then, after she walked back to him, slugging her in the face knocking her to the ground. There was some type of altercation outside of a mall, and an adult SWS…

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Federal Sentencing Reform: First Steps Act

Donald Trump announced his support for federal sentencing reform earlier this week. What reform and whether he really supports the reform are open questions. Earlier this year the House passed a bill that included only prison reform: laws that govern the treatment of and credit awarded to inmates once they are sentenced by the court.…

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