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Nov 26

First Degree Murder: Not Guilty

The Chetson Firm secured an acquittal in a Johnston County murder trial on November 19, 2021.  Kenneth Sutton was shot four times on December 7, 2019 and died five days later at Wake Med Hospital of the gunshots he suffered. Following a week-long trial, the jury found Mr. Chetson's client "not guilty" of all charges...

Jun 29

How to Defend Against Statutory Rape Charges

Statutory rape and other sex crimes are harshly penalized, something you may be learning firsthand if you've been accused of statutory rape. Worse, it can be difficult to defend your case; many defense people may use are often not enough to prevent a conviction in the courtroom. That's where a sex crime lawyer can step...

May 29

When Can Domestic Violence Result in Felony Charges?

Being accused of harming a loved one may already be difficult for you. Now, you're possibly facing felony charges. Although domestic violence is often a misdemeanor, certain factors can impact your case and leave you with a felony on your record. But when can a Raleigh domestic violence charge become a felony? If you're not...

Apr 11

White Collar Criminal Lawyer

Damon Chetson has represented people accused of the most serious white collar and fraud charges.  In 2018, Mr. Chetson (and co-counsel) negotiated the release of their client, a Russian national, from federal custody in a money laundering and tax fraud indictment alleging the theft of more than $150 million as part of a fraud scheme...

Apr 09

What to Expect if You’re Convicted of a Sex Crime

When you’re accused of a sex crime, you may feel like you have no chance of beating the charges. Or maybe you think the penalties can’t be all that bad. In some cases, your sex crime may even be charged as a misdemeanor, but all sex crime charges are serious in North Carolina. If you’re...

Mar 26

How to Beat a Drug Trafficking Charge

When you’re accused of drug trafficking, you need to act on those charges as soon as possible. You may face penalties that can haunt you for life, impacting not just you but your family, who may lose the support you provide. Because of this, you need to act now to defend your future and get...

Feb 15

Raleigh Cigarette Trafficking Lawyer

Cigarette Trafficking & Smuggling Federal law prohibits the trafficking of contraband cigarettes across state lines and makes it unlawful for any person knowingly to make any false statement or representation with respect to the information required by this chapter to be kept in the records of any person who ships, sells, or distributes any quantity...

Feb 09

Federal Prosecutors Told to Resign

CNN is reporting that the Biden administration has asked nearly all of the 93 United States Attorneys, or federal prosecutors, to resign their positions. United States Attorneys are the chief prosecutors within the regional offices - for instance, the Eastern District of North Carolina - throughout the country that represent the federal government in federal...

Feb 08

Know Your Rights After an Arrest

An arrest can happen suddenly, and sometimes, you may have little or no warning of the arrest. Worse, you may not fully understand the rights you have when you’re arrested. If you don’t know your rights, it’s easy to make a costly mistake, one that could impact your case and your future. Because of this,...

Jan 29


In some criminal cases, your attorney may recommend that you perform community service to improve your chances for a successful outcome in your case. In other cases, you may be ordered by a court to complete community service. If you’ve been asked or ordered to complete community service, you should be sure that whatever letter you get...



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