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Aug 28

The Kids Say: Lorrin Freeman Should Step Down

Lorrin Freeman is a good person, and I supported her in 2014 when she ran against Boz Zellinger and John Bryant. But I have to say, the Kids are Alright when they call for her resignation. Her handling of the COVID virus in the courthouse and the protests in Raleigh has been deplorable. Her seeking...

Jul 31

Arrests in Twitter Hack

Florida law enforcement has arrested a seventeen-year-old in Florida who they say is the "linchpin" of a hack that resulted in multiple hacked Twitter accounts in July. President Obama, Elon Musk, who himself has been subject to federal investigations for SEC violations, and Joe Biden are among those whose accounts were briefly taken over. The...

Jul 28

Antifa as a Group Sets Up RICO prosecution

Today in his testimony before Congress, Attorney General Bill Barr confirmed through his non-denial denial what we all know: That the Trump administration plans to use the 1970s-era Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act to prosecute Antifa. The Trump Administration has been claiming for years now that Antifa, the loose, largely unconnected-but-similarly-minded people who appear...

Jun 12

Featured in Reuters

Raleigh Criminal Defense attorney Damon Chetson was featured in Reuters in an article profiling attorneys who have volunteered to represent people charged with protest-related violations. It’s important for all of us to understand (protesters’)stories – to humanize someone who’s just called a looterDamon Chetson, June 4, 2020, Reuters

Jun 04

We’re Looking for Your Help!

We need help with not just the protest cases that I’m volunteering to represent, but also general criminal defense work - primarily the death penalty, post conviction case we have, and murders that are appointed by the courts. This is a criminal defense law firm in Raleigh with a number of pending appointed murders including...

Jun 03

Priorities, People

I get the anger over broken windows in downtown Raleigh. I understand that people are upset over property damage. I do not advocate property damage. But in the list of things to be concerned about, it strikes me that people miss the point if they fixate on broken windows and vandalism, but ignore the larger...

May 31

Double Standards

No adult believes the world is fair. African Americans have been on the blunt end of the American stick for 300 years. Why should it be any different today? But there's something amazing the way police have handled the response to yet another police orchestrated murder - what else do you call kneeing for 7...

May 31

Raleigh Woke Up Today

Raleigh woke up today to broken store windows throughout the downtown district - up and down Fayetteville Street, on Wilmington, and along the side streets. Salisbury looks comparatively untouched. The CVS on the corner of Hargett and Fayetteville was the most thoroughly vandalized. If other stores were looted, I couldn’t really tell. I was at...

May 30

Outside Provocation by Forces of “Order” is Cause of Violence

Minneapolis officials have confirmed what most people know: that the violence that was wrought last night in the streets was not by protesters, but rather by outside agitators - agents provocateur - who descended upon the city to provoke and justify a militarized and violent response from police. [CORRECTION: Turns out that the civil authorities...



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