Forensic Science: The CSI Myth

Posted on - Raleigh Criminal Lawyer

Prosecutors have long complained about the CSI myth – the idea that a criminal case against a defendant can have such conclusive proof that there will be a CSI moment where the jury learns definitively of the defendant’s guilt. In voir dire, the process by which juries are selected by prosecutors and defense lawyers, prosecutors […]

Potential Criminal Charges and Consequences: Dana Cope

Posted on - Raleigh Criminal Lawyer

The News & Observer reported yesterday that former SEANC leader Dana Cope may have misspent – stolen (?) – as much as $500,000 in organization funds for his own personal use. This report comes following an independent audit conducted by a Washington DC firm hired by SEANC’s parent union, the SEIU. SEANC represents some 55,000 […]

North Carolina House Passes Tougher DWI Restrictions

Posted on - Raleigh DWI Lawyer

The North Carolina House passed two bills earlier in March with overwhelming support from members that would further toughen DWI penalties in North Carolina. North Carolina already has a reputation as one of the toughest in the country in terms of drunk driving related penalties. The new bills would: Create a 0.00 limit for all […]

SEANC’s Dana Cope Under Fire

Posted on - General News

UPDATE: Wake County DA Lorrin Freeman has requested that the SBI conduct a criminal inquiry into the matter. UPDATE 2: Dana Cope resigned two days later. SEANC’s Dana Cope Under Fire SEANC Executive Director Dana Cope is back in the news with a lengthy and seemingly thorough investigative report by News & Observer reporter Joe […]

Wake County’s Under-Resourced Justice System

Posted on - Wake County District Attorney

I’ve written about possible reforms to our broader criminal justice system that, I argue, would reduce costs and increase the overall efficiency of the system. A speedy trial statute. A plea bargain option for DWIs. District Court jury trials. And restoring court control over the Division of Motor Vehicles. All great ideas, if I do […]

Civil Asset Forfeiture – An Abused Tool

Posted on - Civil Asset Forfeiture

UPDATE: I was featured in a WRAL Investigates report available here. In the wake of The Washington Post‘s extensive coverage of civil asset forfeiture and litigation by groups like the Institute for Justice, Attorney General Holder announced earlier this month Department of Justice policy changes that would curb the use of federal equitable sharing rules […]

How Long Does It Take to Resolve a DWI in Raleigh, NC?

Posted on - DWI

One of the most common questions when our firm gets called about a DWI charge is, “How long is this going to take?” In Wake County, the answer is FOREVER. Of course I’m not being literal, but the fact of the matter is, DWI’s in Raleigh take on average 9 months to 12 months to […]


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