Supreme Court Cases from the 2017-2018 Term

With the election of Donald Trump, liberals have worried that Supreme the Court would swing against personal liberties and toward a tough-on-crime approach. But the 2017-2018 term proves that sometimes ideologically conservative justices can come out in favor of defendant rights. Indeed, Antonin Scalia, one of the court’s most conservative justices, singlehandedly recovered the Confrontation…

For the People: Bad Acting, Dumb Law

What a terrible show. Also, completely incorrect in almost every aspect of federal criminal law. The pilot episode: There are almost never term-of-years pleas in federal court (as one prosecutor makes the WMD client for “15 years”.) The plea is almost always to a charge, with some recommendations to the court (which it can ignore)…

Child Pornography Bust in Raleigh

WRAL is reporting a child pornography sting operation throughout the southeast. Eight people in North Carolina face charges of sexual exploitation of a minor. Given the multi-state enforcement of child pornography laws, it’s likely that the federal government is involved and this is part of a larger sting operation I’ve written about past child pornography…

Victory at Court of Appeals: Duress and DWI

We just won a major appeal at the North Carolina Court of Appeals in a Driving While Impaired case. We’ve had this case from day one, where our client was forced to drive away from a bar where a man had pulled a gun on him. The law provides that in cases where someone is…

Bill Cosby and 404(b): Uncharged Conduct

The New York Times reports that a Pennsylvania prosecutor retrying him on sexual assault charges wants to introduce allegations of uncharged assaults. At the first trial, ending in a mistrial, the judge excluded such testimony under Rule 404(b). The Times explains: Ordinarily, prosecutors cannot introduce evidence or accusations of prior bad behavior from other cases…

Manafort and Federal Bail

Paul Manafort, who served as President Trump’s campaign manager from the late fall to the summer, struck a deal yesterday with prosecutors that now lets him off house arrest. Under the terms of that deal, Manafort must post $11.65 million worth of assets in order to be let off house arrest. Under the proposal the…

Felony Drug Charges Reduced

We recently won a victory for our client by reducing felony drug charges to two misdemeanors with no jail time.  Our client was the victim of a robbery and breaking and entering.  Upon calling the police, our client was questioned about his own possible possession of drugs.  Police suspected that the robbery was drug-related. Our…

Cooperating with the Feds

Former Trump campaign surrogate, advisor and National Security Advisor (for less than a month) Michael Flynn pled guilty today to 18 U.S.C. Sec. 1001, false statements to a federal agent, a felony. The agreement, worked out between his lawyers and the Government, requires him to cooperate with investigators working for Robert Mueller, the special counsel…

We Accept Bitcoin

Within a few weeks, we will be able to accept Bitcoin and potentially other crypto-currencies legally and securely. We have begun the application process with a company that permits individuals, institutions, and businesses to accept and pay in Bitcoin and that complies with federal law and IRS regulations. Bitcoin has been around since 2009 following…

Civil Asset Forfeiture Corruption in NY

Suffolk County prosecutors accepted “bonuses” paid out of civil asset forfeiture proceeds: Bonus recipients included deputy chief homicide prosecutor Robert Biancavilla, who received a total of $108,886 between 2012 and 2017, and division chief Edward Heilig and top public corruption prosecutor Christopher McPartland, who each received $73,000, according to records obtained from county Comptroller John…

Robert B
Robert B
19:38 12 Aug 17
Damon Chetson and his team are some of the best legal professionals I have encountered. I was in need of legal representation and spoke with several attorneys. Damon took the time to review and discuss the details of my case and I felt confident he was the person I wanted to represent me.Damon and his staff kept me updated throughout the entire legal process. He clearly has a thorough understanding of the law and the legal processes. He answered every question I asked and I am very, very satisfied with the results of his efforts.I would recommend Damon Chetson to anyone in need of legal advice and representation.Thanks, Damon Chetson!
Joshua Hernandez
Joshua Hernandez
02:47 12 Oct 17
The Chetson Firm was nothing but professional and understanding through the entire time they represented me. Everything was laid out up front and put very simply for me to understand. With them representing me I was able to come away with a victory. Thank you very much for everything!
Oliver Hargreaves
Oliver Hargreaves
10:00 29 Sep 17
Damon Chetson was highly professional in his conduct, communication, and timeliness. I felt informed throughout the entire legal process and Damon and his team always responded to any questions or concerns in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Damon and his Firm to anyone requiring legal services and I am truly grateful for the dedication and effort he puts into helping his clients.
Mar Ang
Mar Ang
14:09 16 Oct 17
Chetson got all my charges dismissed. He made me see what mattered was to keep my name clean. I was willing to make an unwise decision again. Chetson spoke with me & provided scenarios & possible outcomes. I finally came around. I followed his instructions provided to me. Everything went away. Thank you very much your help your assistant took good care of me. Your firm kept good communication with me. You guys keeped updated with court dates & walked me through the process. Blessing keep up the good work!
Kylie seagroves
Kylie seagroves
14:52 09 Oct 17
Damon Chetson came highly recommended from a few friends of mine. After seeing his efforts and him in action in the courtroom along with the outcome of the case, I absolutely recommend Mr. Chetson. He also took time out of his Sunday evening to answer questions and give advice. He is very genuine, straight up and honest.
Lisa C
Lisa C
22:17 26 Oct 17
I hired Damon and was very pleased with the quickness and ease that my case was handled. The entire staff was communicative, friendly, professional, and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended for all your legal needs!!
Johnathan Capps
Johnathan Capps
16:39 22 Dec 17
Mr. Chetson and his team are phenomenal at what they do. He has top knowledge in the field of law and truly knows what he’s doing every step of the way. The Chetson Law Firm was a HUGE help to me this year. Let alone their expertise being able to get me through a tough time, they also have been great people to work with. They truly care about their clients. Definitely a two thumbs up and a round of applause for this fantastic crew! Thanks guys!
Michael Coon
Michael Coon
18:35 12 Mar 18
Was referred to Chetson Law Firm by a friend Damon handled my case everything was handled professionally and in a very timely manner his staff was courteous, polite and very prompt. Communication back and forth were great the outcome was much better than I hope for with my case can't say enough about his law firm I would highly recommend this firm to handle any issues you may have.
Angela Kelsh
Angela Kelsh
22:22 23 May 18
Amazing job, he knows his stuff! Would recomend him to anyone, including my family and close friends!
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