An Open Letter to Dorothy Depalo: Re: Infilaw

Posted on - Law School

Dorothy Depalo works for Infilaw. Infilaw doesn’t really have anything to do with the law, other than it’s a private equity company that owns a bunch of ABA-accredited law schools. Dorothy sent me an email earlier today asking for my considered opinion on a variety of Infilaw company “law schools”. Naturally, I rated them all […]

Resolving Old Cases and Expunging Others

Posted on - Expungements

The holidays are a time to take stock: figure out how the last year has gone, and maybe think about taking care of an old legal issue, or start thinking about getting a new job. We tend to see a lot of calls around the holidays from people who want to sort out an old […]

Aid and Abet DWI Charges in North Carolina

Posted on - Raleigh Criminal Lawyer

In North Carolina, even if you are not the one behind the wheel during a drunk driving incident, you can still be criminally charged. It’s a shocking charge called “Aid and Abet DWI” and is applicable to a passenger in a vehicle that is being driven by a drunk driver. The claim by law enforcement […]

Alternatives to Jail for Repeat DWI Offenders

Posted on - Raleigh Criminal Lawyer

South Dakota, Montana, Florida, and a handful of other states have implemented an alternative program to jail time for repeat DWI offenders. The program focuses on prevention rather than punishment by requiring repeat offenders to report to a testing survey site twice a day to blow into a breathalyzer. As long as they pass, they […]

Sexting vs. Child Pornagraphy – What’s the Difference?

Posted on - Sexting

North Carolina has made national news in the past few months over a case of two teenagers sexting nude photos to each other in area near Raleigh. The teenagers were boyfriend and girlfriend and they knowingly and consensually took these photos of themselves and sent them to each other. The result? Each was charged with […]

The Punishment for A DWI Conviction in North Carolina

Posted on - Raleigh Criminal Lawyer

Unfortunately, North Carolina is one of the harshest states in the country in terms of DWI sentencing, and Wake County in particular has extremely stringent policies about how DWI’s are handled. Specifically, in Wake County there are no plea bargains offered for a driving while impaired offense meaning that if you’ve been charged with a […]

School of Government: We Take No Position

Posted on - Raleigh Criminal Lawyer

The School of Government has announced that it takes no position on whether one party should have control of the criminal calendar in North Carolina. This comes at the end of a long post by Jeff Welty in which he asserts that North Carolina prosecutors don’t have complete control of the calendar, and North Carolina […]


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