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License Defense Lawyer

As a Board Certified Criminal Defense Lawyer, Damon Chetson also represents professionals accused of misconduct or ethical violations by the licensing agencies that regulate conduct by doctors, lawyers, psychologists, therapists, massage therapists, coaches, and trainers.

Mr. Chetson has successfully saved licenses, petitioned to restore licenses, and defended people accused of the most serious accusations.

Having represented professionals facing sex- and financial-related offenses before criminal courts, Mr. Chetson deploys his proven skills as a winning trial advocate with more than two dozen federal and state criminal trials, including in murder cases, to ensure that his clients receive the very best defense before licensing boards that seek to deprive them of their ability to earn a livelihood.

By building a strong defense, Mr. Chetson is often able to negotiate resolutions whereby his clients can maintain their license – sometimes with the requirement to undergo treatment or additional ethical training – without interruption.

Located in Raleigh, North Carolina, Mr. Chetson is close proximity to the major state licensing agencies, and also represents people accused of SafeSport violations.

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