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Damon Chetson represents people facing accusations of sexual harassment or sexual misconduct in a variety of fields, including those who are members of or affiliated with athletic organizations.

Mr. Chetson deploys his extensive experience representing the accused and the innocent in state and federal sex-related offenses, including accusations of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and sexual misconduct.

Mr. Chetson has represented professionals of all kinds, and students, who have been accused of sexual misconduct either by governmental authorities (state and federal prosecutors) and by administrative agencies (such as licensing boards), by educational organizations (such as colleges and universities).

Mr. Chetson has secured Not-Guilty verdicts in some of the most complex and serious criminal cases, including cases of child abuse involving complex medical and forensic science.

Mr. Chetson has also successfully resolved cases without administrative action or criminal prosecution, including cases involving investigations into sexual misconduct and harassment.


SafeSport represents the latest effort by governmental and non-profit associations to respond to the public furor over sexual harassment and sexual misconduct.

While the problem of sexual harassment and misconduct is real in our society, too few in the public (and too few attorneys) understand the impact aggressive enforcement can have where the accused – sometimes completely innocent people – are stripped of due process.

Due Process is at the heart of a functioning adversarial system.  Since the 1980s, however, advocates on behalf of victims have pushed single-mindedly to strip the accused – who should be innocent-until-proven-guilty – of important rights in order to find them guilty and impose punishment.

As a result, innocent people have been wrongly accused and effectively convicted in the eyes of the public and in the eyes of their professional organizations.

Even when the punishment is not criminal in nature, the accused can face ruined careers, lost employment, and a pariah-status the effectively strips them of their ability to earn a living.

SafeSport is another in a long line of organizations that has abandoned due process in favor of quick punishment.

Mr. Chetson uses his trial skills, and his experience defending the accused in the criminal setting to defend people in the administrative or SafeSport-sanctioned proceedings.

Where victory cannot be found in SafeSport-sanctioned proceedings, Mr. Chetson will litigate the matter in state and federal courts to protect his client’s due process rights.