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Criminal Law and Firm News

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Criminal law and procedure evolve constantly.  Here we focus on recent developments in state and federal criminal law, as well as notable events and firm successes.  Call us at (919) 352-9411 for help.

Al Swearengen comments on life.

One Vile Task After Another

This is a post about hope. In one particularly great scene in the a greatest three-season series Deadwood, of the prestige television era, Al Swearengen,

Will more RPD officers solve our violence problem?

Ending Gun Violence in Raleigh

2022 saw Raleigh’s worst year in homicides. Raleigh, with a population of about 470,000 people, saw 49 homicide deaths, compared with 33 in 2021. To

Attorney General Merrick Garland

DOJ Memorandum on Drug Cases

In December the Department of Justice issued a memorandum to all federal prosecutors entitled “Additional Department Policies Regarding Charging, Pleas, and Sentencing in Drug Cases.” 

SCOTUS and the New Old Criminal Laws

The Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade this month will result in a cascade of new criminal issues across the country and in North Carolina. Consistent

Damon Chetson at Wake County Justice Center

The Assembly: The Evolution of Damon Chetson

From the Raleigh, North Carolina newspaper, The Assembly: In 1991, Damon Chetson, a University of Pennsylvania freshman and Daily Pennsylvanian staff writer, covered the murder

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