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Zellinger Responds to Mailer

In an email sent to supporters on Thursday (April 24, 2014), Boz Zellinger, a Democratic candidate for DA, responded to the mailer sent out to Wake County voters by SEANC earlier this month (reported: here, the Indy Week, and by WRAL)

The email is reproduced in its entirety below:

Yesterday I was endorsed by the Independent Weekly. The day before, I was endorsed by the NC Sheriff and Police Alliance. Our campaign is surging, and Wake County is excited about my progressive plan for the DA’s Office.

Recently my opponent attacked me in an effort to change the focus of this election from my plan for our criminal justice system to the tactics of the State Employees Association. As a prosecutor, I work every day with state employees throughout our courthouse, and I care deeply about their lives and keeping our community safe. Instead of discussing Wake County’s burgeoning gang problem, or who law enforcement trusts to keep our community safe, she has attacked not me, but a group that endorsed me. It is unfortunate that she is attempting to turn this election into a game of politics as usual.

The State Employees Association utilized political advertisements that could lead voters to think that Ms. Freeman is involved in the embezzlement scandal in the clerk’s office. This was criminal activity, and Ms. Freeman was not personally involved. I know Ms. Freeman, consider her a friend, and don’t believe she had any role in criminal activity.

It is appropriate, however, to ask whether there were safeguards in place to make sure this conduct didn’t happen in an office that handles large sums of money. It is appropriate to ask why they didn’t exist. It is appropriate to ask whether Ms. Freeman conducted an internal investigation, and what changes were made.

It is a legitimate question voters want answered in determining Ms. Freeman’s ability to lead an office. It is also unrealistic to think that this wouldn’t be a question voters have on their minds. It is inappropriate to demean the character of anyone asking this question.

Tonight I spoke at a Democratic Women event on Human Trafficking, which is an issue I care passionately about. Tonight in our county two thousand homeless school children face uncertainty. Tonight in our county someone will be the victim of violent crime. I am the candidate who has a plan to address these issues. I am the candidate who can keep our community safe. I am the candidate who can, and will, win in November.?
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