CNN has a heartwarming story about a man, wrongly convicted in the 1998 of the rape of a young girl in Chicago.  His fiance stuck by him for the more than 11 years he spent in jail.

He’s now free, having lost more than a decade of his life to prison.

The Innocence Project – I did case reviews for the Innocence Project while a law student at the University of North Carolina – says that they receive about 200 to 300 new letters every month from people who assert they have been wrongly convicted.

Not all of those people are innocent.  But it’s a national tragedy that innocent people are sent to prison.  And, at least in the case of Texas, to death.

In truth, one of your best defenses against a wrongful conviction is to talk to a defense attorney early in the process.  That’s because statements you make to police – even innocent statements you make to police – may seem incriminating to the police and to a future jury.

Getting advice early in the process can help protect you from making innocent mistakes that can end up with lasting consequences.

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