NC DWI Jury TrialNot every case is won, no matter who you hire to represent you. Sometimes the facts or circumstances go against you especially in DWI cases where the law in North Carolina is very difficult to beat. I’ve won my share, but I’ve also lost. I hate losing, but it happens. It’s the nature of being a criminal defense trial lawyer.

When a jury returns a guilty verdict, I feel for my clients. While, as a lawyer, I can never make a guarantee, I do work hard to try to get the best possible outcome. And if the guilty verdict does come, I hope I’ve also prepared my client to face that as well as he or she can, and to put on the best presentation for the judge who will sentence my client.

I lost a DWI jury trial recently. It was a tough case, made all the tougher by an officer was was professional, reasonable, and likeable. Those are good qualities in a police officer. And when they have a good case, they can make that case hard for a defense lawyer to win.

In spite of that, my client was very gracious and generous about my work for him. With his permission, I post his comments:

Although we got a guilty today, I feel I had the best Attorney around. If I had it to do all over again, I would put my money with you. Thank you and your legal assistant for all that you did for me on this case. I will send business your way but I hope it will not me. You amazed me today in how you handled every situation brought on by the prosecution. Given what you had to work with, I feel like I made out like a champ. If I can ever help you in any way, you have my number. Again, thank the both of you…

This reaffirms my belief that while everyone wants to win a case – to be found not guilty – if the facts are against them, everyone wants to be heard, and to have their day in court.

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