StancilWhile it’s too early to say the exact motivations that led to the shooting death of Wayne Community College employee Ron Lane, Kenneth Stancil’s tattoos suggest at that Stancil is or at one time was a white nationalist.

Stancil, found sleeping on a beach in Volusia County, FLorida earlier today, was taken into custody without incident. He was charged with murder in the slaying of Lane. WRAL is reporting that police are looking into the possibility that the killing was a hate crime.

Stancil FBStancil’s face tattoo features an “88,” a number that references the German salute, “Heil Hitler,” used during the Nazi period. It’s a common number used in white nationalist (also known as white power) circles. Stancil also appears to have an iron cross, another reference to Germany, tattooed on his neck.

In addition, Stancil’s facebook page references white power and white nationalist themes, including the 1980s white power band Skrewdriver (mis-spelled Screwdriver on Stancil’s page).

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