When Can Domestic Violence Result in Felony Charges?

When Can Domestic Violence Result in Felony Charges?

Being accused of harming a loved one may already be difficult for you. Now, you’re possibly facing felony charges. Although domestic violence is often a misdemeanor, certain factors can impact your case and leave you with a felony on your record.

But when can a Raleigh domestic violence charge become a felony? If you’re not sure, talk to your lawyer. We can help you determine what type of charges you’re facing, so you don’t deal with a nasty surprise in the courtroom.

Past Convictions

You may not be coming into the courtroom with a clean record. You may have been charged with domestic violence in the past, which leaves you with a criminal record. Unfortunately, that can impact your case.

If you’re facing first-time charges for domestic violence, you may face a Class A1 misdemeanor. Although a misdemeanor is already serious, prior convictions can leave you facing a felony. That means longer sentences, higher fines, and more difficulty overcoming the charges.

For example, a Class A misdemeanor may lead to a sentence of less than a year in jail. A felony, in contrast, may lead to years in prison, depending on your prior convictions. That’s a significant part of your life to spend behind bars. Worse, your criminal record can still follow you and affect other areas of your life.

Aggravated Domestic Violence Charges in North Carolina

Domestic violence is a serious offense, but what about aggravated domestic violence? You may be charged with this more severe offense if the injured person suffered severe injuries. If they were disfigured or face severe bodily harm, you may face higher penalties. 

If you’re charged with aggravated domestic violence, you won’t just be facing a Class A misdemeanor. You’ll be facing a Class E felony. You may face up to seven years in prison. Worse, if you’ve been convicted of aggravated domestic violence in the past, you may have a minimum three-year sentence to face. 

These charges may haunt you for the rest of your life. Your criminal record may make getting housing, loans, and even employment difficult. Rather than accepting these devastating charges, defend your case with experience on your side.

Seek Help Before Your Domestic Violence Trial

If you’ve been accused of domestic violence, you may face more than misdemeanor charges. You may face felony penalties that can haunt you for the rest of your life. Worse, you may be unsure how severe your case is and why you may face such severe charges.

Because of that, it’s important to get a lawyer from The Chetson Firm on your side before you head to the courtroom and defend your case. Your criminal defense lawyer can help you understand just how severe your charges may be, and they can help you dispute the charges. Your lawyer can represent you in court, helping you get the charges reduced or dismissed. 

If you’re concerned about your case, start with a discussion with a lawyer. Call 919-352-9411 or fill out the online contact form below. 

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