What is the DWI or DUI Blood Alcohol Limit (BAC) in North Carolina? In North Carolina, as in every other state in the United States, the BAC is 0.08. If you are found to have a BAC of 0.08 while driving a car, truck, moped, motorcycle, golf cart, or other vehicle on the roads of North Carolina, you may be found guilty of Driving While Impaired (North Carolina’s version of DUI/DWI drunk driving laws).

However, if you have a commercial driving license, the limit is lower. With a CDL, if you are found having consumed 0.04 or more, you may be found guilty of driving while impaired.

Finally, if you are under the age of 21, North Carolina has a “zero tolerance” rule. You can be found guilty of a DWI after having consumed any amount of alcohol under the age of 21 and then driven a vehicle.

Note that even your BAC registers under a .08, North Carolina law has another provision by which you can be found guilty of a DWI if the officer can produce enough evidence to suggest you were impaired by his or witnesses’ observations.

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