If your loved one or friend has been locked up in the Wake County Jail (or other North Carolina jails), you can visit them on designated days. However, such visits are only permitted via video phone, and such visits are monitored and recorded. So you should never talk about any aspects of the case.

I’ve seen transcripts that the jail officials have made of tapes of jail house telephone calls. These transcripts have been used to convict the defendants.

In addition to talking to friends or family in the jail over the jail’s video system, your loved one can call you from jail, provided you have a PayTel account.

A PayTel account is a pre-paid account that enables someone in jail to place a phone call to your phone number. You can purchase credits or have PayTell direct bill you for the inmate’s calls to you. Either way, the PayTel account is a way to allow an inmate to call home.

I use PayTel to allow clients to call me.

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