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We need help with not just the protest cases that I’m volunteering to represent, but also general criminal defense work – primarily the death penalty, post conviction case we have, and murders that are appointed by the courts.

This is a criminal defense law firm in Raleigh with a number of pending appointed murders including two potential capital (death penalty cases). We are also working with another lawyer on post-conviction litigation (North Carolina habeas) in a death penalty case from some years ago. We have a need for a law student and future criminal defense lawyer to do real substantive work – review discovery, interview clients, work with experts.

Please only law students who have completed at least one year of law school! We can’t pay a salary.  We can cover parking, lunches, defray costs of travel to locations (jails, crime scenes, etc) so that the clerkship is not a net cost to someone. I’m also COVID-Friendly so we try to keep people safe (by not showing up to my office all the time) and allow them to work remotely although a person must be able to come into the office from time to time or to travel to locations. We use various video conferencing (Zoom) to keep in touch – and the phone. Must be somewhat computer savvy to navigate discovery – video, PDFs, etc. – that we receive from the State or Federal Government. They must be absolutely discreet, and capable of honoring and abiding by court orders that from time to time demand absolutely confidentiality. In addition, they must understand and honor attorney-client privilege rules.

Future criminal defense lawyers only!  Also, please be located in the Wake County area, and please be able to drive to various locations. We had four trials last year (2019) alone – multi-week triple homicide death penalty case in Raleigh (jury rejected the death penalty!), a federal appointed gun case in Elizabeth City where the client was on video shooting a gun at a person at a club (hung jury!), a RICO/murder “Blood” case in federal court in Charlotte (won a “special sentencing factor!”), and a first-degree murder case in Raleigh (hung jury! 10 to 2 voting to acquit!).

Most importantly: someone with a deep commitment to correcting class and racial injustice.  POC and women and LGBT preferred, understanding that we deal with a wide variety of folks from different backgrounds who may disagree with you. People may say things to you that you regard as morally repugnant or beyond the pale. We are looking for people who have the patience to tolerate, ignore, overlook, or forgive peoples’ prejudices, and sometimes repugnant political or moral views.  If you have particular boundaries, please disclose them upfront so that we can see whether we can accommodate them.

Spanish-speaking (fluent) preferred.  While we take COVID-19 precautions and provide masks etc., sometimes we have to go into jails or in places that aren’t well-sanitized. People concerned about Coronavirus or who are immunocompromised may wish to not apply.

Please send a resume and a writing sample to us at Please no phone calls at this time. We will follow-up with candidates who seem like they might fit.

This can be shared.  Thanks for all everyone is doing to speak out about racial, sexual, and class injustice.



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