Dozier Wake District Court JudgeThe appointment by the governor of sitting District Court Judge Ned Mangum as the acting interim District Attorney leaves a vacancy on the Wake County District Court bench until next January.

(Mangum is running unopposed for judge, and will resume his post in 2015 once Wake County has a new elected District Attorney.)

Chris Dozier, an assistant district attorney, announced his candidacy this afternoon to fill the Mangum seat for the balance of the year.

Dozier joined the Wake County District Attorney’s office in 2010 as a misdemeanor prosecutor. He has prosecuted many hundreds of misdemeanor cases in the general misdemeanor courts, several hundred in the specialized Driving While Impaired courtroom, and still more criminal cases while he served in the Domestic Violence courtroom. Dozier then spent more than a year in the Misdemeanor Appeals Superior Court where he tried dozens of jury trials, and handled hundreds of felony probation violation cases.

Most recently he has served as a felony prosecutor in the office.

Prior to his work as a prosecutor, Dozier worked in the civil litigation firm of Hall, Rodgers Gaylord & Millikan in Cary. But it’s his experience in criminal District Court that would serve him well since he would be well versed not only as a former District Court ADA, but also as a Misdemeanor Appeals ADA, in the way in which District Court affects Misdemeanor Appeals Superior Court.

Members of the Wake County Bar will vote in a special election that will take place on Wednesday, April 30, 2014 from 8:00 AM in courtroom 102 (across from Disposition Court) in the new Wake County Justice Center.

In the past, the governor was required to select from among the top three vote-getters in the bar election. But a recent change in the law makes the election purely advisory. In this particular case, where the term is only for the balance of the year, it’s likely that the Governor would respect the local bar’s election and select one of the top Republican (although the election is non-partisan) vote-getters. Dozier is a registered Republican.

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