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Craig Croom, a former Wake County District Court judge, has announced his bid to be re-elected to the bench. A Carolina, grad, Judge Croom has an impressive and varied resume, beginning as a Wake County Sheriff’s Deputy, then attending law school at North Carolina Central in 1994, working as an assistant district attorney, before joining the District Court bench in 1999.

Before he was appointed to the Superior Court Bench as a Special Judge in 2011 by Governor Perdue, Judge Croom served as a District Court judge for more than a decade.

He frequently presided over juvenile court as a District Court judge, and is widely respected around the courthouse as a fair judge who takes a special interest in young folks.

Judge Croom has announced a campaign kickoff next week, sponsored by 30 Wake County attorneys.

Croom is seeking to fill James Fullwood’s seat. Croom’s website doesn’t yet appear to be working.

Judge Fullwood has served on the Wake County District Court bench since 1989, and faces mandatory retirement pursuant to N.C.G.S Sec. 7A-4.20:

No justice or judge of the General Court of Justice may continue in office beyond the last day of the month in which he attains his seventy-second birthday, but justices and judges so retired may be recalled for periods of temporary service as provided in Subchapters II and III of this chapter.

Judge Fullwood reaches 72 years of age on November 3, 2014, which means he would be required to retire from office by the end of that month this year.

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