I had a great lunch with Craig Croom, a former sheriff’s deputy, a former District Court judge, and a former Superior Court judge.

I am a Republican. Like most Republicans, I received the email from Skip Stam earlier this week about Charles Gilliam. But, with all due respect to Skip Stam, the District Court does not need to experiment with a lawyer who has never served in any judicial capacity.

Judge Craig Croom is widely respected by both Democrats and Republicans like me. He is a very fair and reasonable judge, not at all political in his rulings. He has been in law enforcement.

When I spoke with Judge Croom – I always call him Judge Croom because I remember him from his many years on the District Court bench – he explained to me his philosophy, which is a a deep respect for the law, and an understanding that he has no stake in the outcome. He judges each case given the facts of the case, the laws of the land, and the Constitution.

I’m a Goldwater Conservative: Judge Croom is the type of judge any conservative would want and who I’d be honored to support and honored to appear before.

We don’t need someone on the bench who is learning as he goes. We need someone on the bench who has served honorably for a decade, and who would be a mentor to other judges on the bench.

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