wake County Clerk of CourtLorrin Freeman, the Democratic Wake County Clerk of Court, has indicated she plans to run for District Attorney. While sitting judges arguably must resign their positions in order to run for District Attorney, the Clerk of Court does not, and Ms. Freeman can remain in office during her campaign.

Her name and her resume as a two term Clerk of Court in an office she ran smoothly, unlike her Republican predecessor, makes her a formidable candidate for the Democrats, especially as she is likely to be able to raise the money to mount a campaign in what is likely to be a year favoring the Republicans.

Freeman’s announcement should clear the Democratic primary field. A few attorneys had hinted they might consider a run, but as it is the Democratic Party will be able to focus its attention on a single candidate.

UPDATE 2: Freeman has posted her announcement on Facebook, noting that she began her career as an assistant district attorney in Colon Willoughby’s office, her “longtime friend and mentor.” At least one of the attorneys rumored to be considering a run potentially had some significant financial backing. But that is unlikely to mean as much now that an establishment candidate with experience as a prosecutor enters the race. Nancy “Lorrin” Freeman also has a couple of point advantage over an equivalent male candidate in that she’d be the first woman to serve as Wake County District Attorney if she won. The conventional wisdom is that women get a 2 to 3 point bump.

UPDATE: Forget about the Campaign Filings. You’re not a real candidate until you launch a website. Lorrin Freeman is up with hers: www.FreemanForDA.com. The domain was registered on January 13, 2014, according to the WHOIS record by Scott Falmlen, a partner at Nexus Strategies, a Raleigh-based political consulting firm. Falmlen is former executive director of the North Carolina Democratic Party. Before that he was a senior advisor to Lawton Chiles, the Democratic governor of Florida.

Click the image below to see the DNS registration.

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