I got some interesting feedback today about Jefferson Griffin: that he is an excellent campaigner who is beginning to raise some good money.

In a Republican primary, the key is to motivate the base. And in multiple conversations I’ve had over the past week with people in the know, I’ve been repeatedly told two things:

  • Courthouse prognosticators are too focused on experience and insufficiently attuned to the politics
  • Jefferson Griffin is an excellent campaigner who connects with voters and party activists

I’ve said that money will matter, but that as someone who has been involved in primary Republican politics, getting the party activists to the polls can create opportunities for young, smart, and energetic candidates.

Griffin seems to be doing just that in the Republican primary. His campaign has focused on events and I’ve been told that he is really connecting with people at these events where motivated activists show up.

In some ways, this harkens back to Colon Willoughby who won the office as a relatively young lawyer and politician.

In Griffin’s case, he is a seasoned prosecutor, a felony ADA, and a fresh face for his party and the office.

And everyone seems to agree he is the only Republican who can beat Lorrin Freeman.

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