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I met with a John Bryant today. John Bryant has run for office three times in Wake County, first as a Democrat, and lost the other two times. That is not a good track record as a Republican. He’s entered the race as a Republican candidate for District Attorney. I haven’t met a single a Republican supporter of Bryant.

John Bryant seems like a nice guy. But, I’m completely confused about how a guy who, during our meeting worried about why Democrat Brad Miller tucked his tail and didn’t run for election, should be considered for a Republican primary.

Jeff Cruden, another Republican primary candidate, is a former Democrat. That’s very nice.

Republicans care about other Republicans. That’s the nature of team sports politics in America. Voting for the opposite team in the primary makes no sense.

When he asked me for my support, I said it would depend on how he campaigned. He looked down at his desk and said, I have to look after my clients! Really? In a campaign that lasts two months, you want to look after clients? I think you are not serious.

This is a sign of a man who does not care to campaign and seek votes.

The only serious Republican primary candidate seems to be Jefferson Griffin. Alan Swaim, who now maybe under investigation for having gotten a friend unlawfully excused from jury duty, is a joke of a candidate who the party has to gently force from the race.

I can’t imagine primary Republicans will vote for a former Democrat who in his last two elections has failed as a Republican for lack of support.

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