Former Wake County Detention Officer Markeith Council will forever be a felon.  And that’s a very sad fact.  Even sadder is that Wake County Detainee Shon McClain is dead.

The video shows the viciousness with which Council responded to McLean’s perhaps rude, but, not assaultive behavior.

Neither Council’s conviction today for involuntary manslaughter, nor McClain’s death in June at the Hammond Road Detention Center were necessary.

As a defense lawyer in Raleigh, I often find myself at odds with Wake County District Attorney Colon Willoughby.  Such is the nature of what I do.  But I thought his closing argument was well argued, striking the appropriate tone.  In addition, this case was appropriately charged.  It was not a Second Degree murder case.  It was a voluntary manslaughter case, where the jury was also instructed on involuntary manslaughter.

So my hat is off to Mr. Willoughby.  I did not see the case – other than some of the arguments – but from what I saw, Mr. Willoughby did a fine job.

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