I haven’t seen any reports of violence here in the Raleigh area, but in various cities across the United States the purported “busiest day of shopping” (not really, actually the Sunday before Christmas is the busiest historically) has been marred by violence.

Apparently getting in line at midnight and pushing and shoving to get a great deal at, say, BestBuy is a sure way to end up sprawled across the floor with a police officer’s knee in your back because you got into a fight with a fellow shopper.

In North Carolina, a person who gets into a fight might be charged with a Simple Assault (Class 2 misdemeanor), Simple Affray (Class 2 misdemeanor), Assault on a Female (Class A1 misdemeanor), and an Resist, Delay, Obstruct (RDO) (Class 2 misdemeanor). Of course, the precise charges would depend upon the specific activity, but you could imagine a trip to the store on Black Friday to get some good sales deals ending up as a disaster with criminal charges being filed.

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