Trust accounting is a pain in the neck – the software options (until now) to keep your trust account reconciled are terrible. I’ve used Excel, because using Quickbooks to manage a trust account is cumbersome. But Excel is really prone to errors, including typos and miscalculations that lead to your trust account going out of balance.

North Carolina CPA Tom Boyle has launched, an easy-to-use accounting system, secure and backed up on the cloud. It is tailored for North Carolina Bar’s trust accounting rules. It sends you reminders when you need to send a client a letter or an update on their trust account status. It has an easy reconciliation process. It lets you generate checks from the system. And it prevents you from writing checks that exceed that client’s trust balance. And it’s only $25/month.

(Tom also teaches trust accounting CLE’s that are soon to become mandatory for any attorneys who write checks from a trust account in NC.)

He offers a free month. If you use my name as referral when you sign up, I get a free month!

You won’t be disappointed.

Here’s an explanatory video.

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