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Treatment Options – Avoiding Narconon

For people who have substance abuse issues or who are addicted to alcohol or narcotics, in-patient treatment programs can be effective ways of dealing with not only the addictive nature of the controlled substances, but also the underlying issues that may have given rise to the addictive behavior.

In a criminal setting, evidence that someone has taken responsibility for substance abuse issues can be used by your criminal defense lawyer to help argue to a judge that, in your case, some leniency is warranted given your acceptance of responsibility and your having taken action to confront those issues.

The default position is out-patient treatment. In Wake County, there are a number of excellent treatment providers, contact information for which is available elsewhere on my website.

Before attending any treatment option, be sure to talk to your Raleigh criminal lawyer or Raleigh DWI lawyer to find out what treatment program might be effective in a court setting.

As someone who has represented many people charged with drug crimes or DWI-related offenses and as someone who has had family members who have had substance abuse issues, I understand that sending a loved one to treatment does not necessarily resolve the matter. Addictions are almost always the result of underlying issues – feelings of inadequacy, shame, behavioral issues, and so forth. These problems are not unique to people who have substance abuse problems: We all have, to some degree, psychological and psychiatric issues that can result in unproductive behaviors. They are not easily resolved, especially not in a 30, 60, or 90 day program.

In-patient treatment programs may be appropriate for people who have more significant behavioral or substance abuse problems. Whether those are secular programs, or religious programs, my general view is that so long as these are accredited or have licensed therapists who provide treatment or follow a science-based approach that is widely accepted in the fields of therapy, psychology or psychiatry, then the program is probably fine to attend.

It may be wise for you to consult state licensing agencies, national accreditation boards, or even reviews on Google to find a program that works for you. In addition, programs that are accepted by insurance companies are probably at least minimally acceptable.

However, you should avoid Narconon. Narconon claims to be an international drug treatment service with centers in 26 countries. In fact, Narconon is closely tied to Scientology, an organization that for years has been the object of fierce criticism because many people believe it is essentially an organization that profits at the expense of its members. Visit this site for Key Facts on Narconon.

Scientology was founded by failed science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard, whose wife was a convicted felon – convicted after an extensive investigation by the FBI that revealed that Scientology’s upper management was involved in dirty tricks attacks on critics, and government agents who were investigating whether Scientology merited non-profit religious institution status under the IRS code.

I’m loathe to say something is a cult: one person’s church is another person’s cult. But in the case of Scientology, it’s basically a scam. And Narconon is basically based on the “technology” of Scientology’s founder, L. Ron Hubbard, a huckster above all.



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