If you’ve recently received a traffic ticket, it’s important that you handle this as promptly and efficiently as possible. Why?

Because your failure to handle the matter may result in a Failure to Appear (FTA) which will be communicated by the Raleigh courts to the North Carolina DMV. This will result in a suspension of your license, if not properly corrected.

In addition, if you drive while on a suspended or revoked license, and get a second ticket you will face an additional license suspension. I’ve encountered plenty of people who believed they had paid their fee by mailing it into the court, only to find that the fee was not entered properly, or never received, or the amount they sent in to the court was not correct.

In all these cases, DMV suspended the license, but folks were not properly notified. No matter. The license was suspended. Perhaps they got a second traffic violation. This resulted in a further suspension of their license. And the nightmare begins, of dealing with the courts and the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles.

Even if the matter is a simple speeding ticket, you should be sure to pay the ticket yourself, or have a lawyer pay it on your behalf. Do not simply send the payment in with the ticket.

And if it’s a speeding ticket where you were accused of exceeding the speed limit by more than 15 mph, you should be careful about handling this yourself. That’s because that high a speeding ticket is a misdemeanor, which results in an automatic suspension of your license for a month. If you can get a reduced speeding ticket by negotiating with the DA, or request a PJC, that is a much better option.

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