Prayer for Judgment Continued explained as applied to traffic offenses

If you’re looking for a Wake County traffic lawyer, you should make sure that the traffic lawyer understands how to best utilize what’s called a PJC or a Prayer for Judgment Continued. A prayer for judgment continued means that judgment has not been entered upon a plea of guilty or a plea of responsible.

A PJC means that in certain cases you may avoid increases in insurance rates even when you have been found guilty or found responsible of either a traffic offense or speeding offense. It’s important to note that a PJC may be only used once in a three-year-period on most insurance plans. If you or someone else on your insurance plan have gotten a PJC in the past three years, you may not use another PJC without adversely affecting your insurance rates.

If you’ve gotten a speeding ticket in Raleigh or Wake County, make sure that you understand how to utilize a PJC to your advantage.

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Damon Chetson

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