Interesting story in Time magazine about whether a journalist in France ought to be required to turn over sources the journalist gathered while working on a story about pedophiles. If you’ve been charged with a sex crime in Raleigh, call criminal lawyer Raleigh Damon Chetson at [#phone#].

As Time reports:

[I]n France, a new dose of controversy was added this week when a television exposé on cyber-predators ignited a debate over journalists’ ethics in the era of hidden-camera reportage. While conducting research for a program called Pedophiles: The Predators, the most recent installment of the France 2 network’s hidden-camera investigative series, Les Infiltrés, reporter Laurent Richard communicated with multiple alleged pedophiles online and in person — and then turned them in to the police. But in betraying his sources — repugnant as they were — did Richard and his producers betray their profession?

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