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Tom Horne’s Laughable Martindale Hubbell Rating

Click to Enlarge - Mark Brnovich
Click to Enlarge – Mark Brnovich
I’ve been watching Arizona’s Attorney General race with some interest. Mark Brnovich, a lifelong Republican, former director of the Barry Goldwater Institute Center for Constitutional Governor, former Maricopa County gang prosecutor, former federal prosecutor, former Assistant Attorney General, and former Director of Gaming for Arizona in Governor Jan Brewer’s administration, is challenging Tom Horne, the incumbent Attorney General.

Mark is a principled conservative, who has a loving family, and a ton of experience. Click above to see a special recognition Mark received from Governor Jan Brewer for running an efficient law enforcement agency – the Arizona Department of Gaming, improving relations with tribal partners that operating the gaming facilities, and cracking down on illegal gaming.

In contrast, Tom Horne, a former liberal Democrat, is basically a career politician who has been abandoned by most of the leading lights in the Republican Party because of his ethical transgressions. Governor Brewer, former Senator Jon Kyl, County Attorney Bill Montgomery, and a large number of grass roots conservatives have endorsed Brnovich in this primary challenge.

Horne has been convicted of misdemeanorhit and run, investigated by two Republican county attorneys for campaign finance violations, investigated by Clean Elections, and investigated by the FBI.Click to Enlarge - Tom Horne

In the 1970s, Horne was investigated and “banned for life” by the federal Securities Exchange Commission.

Horne, laughably, says that he takes his ethics very seriously. In support of that, he claims that voters need only look at his Martindale Hubbell rating. He points out that Brnovich has no rating, as if this is evidence that Brnovich is unaccomplished.

Quite the contrary. Eric Holder, John Ashcroft, and Michael Mukasey, two of whom are Republicans and all of whom recent former Attorney Generals of the United States and all formerly or currently in private practice, have no Martindale Hubbell ratings.

That’s because Martindale Hubble ratings are basically popularity contests. Attorneys who are rated rate their friends and so forth. They aren’t taken seriously by the vast majority of attorneys.

In addition, public servants – people like Mark Brnovich who have served at various levels of government as prosecutors – generally don’t get rated because it’s not important at all in prosecution.

Horne’s Rating is a Joke

More to the point: Horne’s rating is virtually meaningless: no one left any comments according to Martindale Hubbell. And, if you look closely, the rating dates from when Horne was Arizona Superintendent of Schools. It hasn’t been updated in years, apparently, to reflect the fact that Horne has been under nearly perpetual investigation by one law enforcement entity after another for three years, and is now a convicted misdemeanant.

Arizona’s leading political prognosticator and conservative blogger (and former ASU law school classmate of yours truly) EspressoPundit predicted Tom Horne’s political demise in May.



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