One of my favorite characters from the HBO show The Wire was Snoop, the enforcer for Marlo’s drug organization. Now it’s turned out that Snoop was picked up in a drug raid in Baltimore and is now being charged with trafficking in heroin:

Felicia Pearson, an ex-con who played a drug gangster named Snoop on the HBO television drama “The Wire,” was one of dozens arrested in a real-life heroin trafficking bust announced on Thursday in Baltimore.

Pearson, charged with conspiracy to distribute heroin, was one of 38 people arrested in the sweep and one of 64 defendants named in related state and federal indictments.

The raids by federal agents and Baltimore police “dismantled an entire drug trafficking organization,” Ava Cooper-Davis, a special agent of the Drug Enforcement Administration, said in a statement. “We got the top, we got the bottom and we got everybody in between.”

Here’s a video I recently made incorporating a scene from The Wire into a lesson about why not to talk to police.

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