Few things annoy me more than people being fed a bunch of nonsense when they are seeking serious legal advice about a criminal charge.

DWIs seem to take the cake when it comes to nonsense. Typically, someone is charged with a DWI, and immediately starts asking friends and family, or searching on the web for information about a drunk driving charge.

Usually the nonsense comes in the form of what they should or shouldn’t have done the night of the arrest. That advice, while usually incorrect, is harmless. The night is over; the deed done.

Other nonsense comes from websites. Another Raleigh law firm posts on its website the claim that Wet Recklesses are available in North Carolina, although does admit “not in all places.”

(A wet reckless is a reduction from a DWI to a careless and reckless with alcohol conditions.)

That’s a strange way of putting the fact that wet recklesses are simply put not available in Wake County, or anywhere in the Research Triangle.

If you encounter a lawyer who is vague about whether you can get a wet reckless in Wake County, you are talking to someone who merely wants to take your money for crappy legal representation.

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