Who’s got the most dangerous job? Loggers seems to be consensus.

But how about a profession that leads to a lot of suicides? CNN asks: Why are lawyers killing themselves?.

If your model of a lawyer is grabbed from watching LA Law or Boston Legal or The Practice, then you might be perplexed: what’s not to love about lawyering? It’s well-paid interesting work, where attractive people move around a courtroom or a client meeting in action-packed sequences.

Except that it’s not.

The legal job market is terrible. The system is adversarial, even if you are focused on transactional work. The clients are demanding. The ethical requirements are unforgiving. The work is full of pitfalls.

I watched a lawyer plead a client to a DWI last week in Wake County, and nearly meltdown. I guess it didn’t help that the lawyer kept asking for a PJC for a DWI, which is not permitted under statute. But the experience had to have been terrible for him, and probably just as terrible for his client, who at this moment is probably wondering what happened.

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