Raleigh DWI LawyerDriving While Impaired, or DWI, is one of the most common charges in North Carolina. In Wake County alone, there are sometimes between 20-30 DWI arrests in each 24 hour period. We don’t think of people charged with DWI as hardened criminals. Most of our clients are hard working professionals that haven’t been in trouble before and didn’t realize how much they’d had to drink and thought they were fine to drive. Until they blew into a breathalyzer (which it is usually better not to do, by the way).

For someone that’s never been in trouble with the law and has never had to deal with the court system, this can be a scary and overwhelming experience. You need answers and resources and someone that can help you through the process. To address these need, The Chetson Firm is unveiling it’s DWI Corner. This is a section of our website devoted solely to DWIs, with answers to frequently asked questions, sentencing information, and an overview of the court process. There’s even a free case evaluation form where people charged with a DWI can input all of the information surrounding their DWI stop and have an attorney analyze that information and get back in touch to discuss the case.

For some, a DWI may seem like the end of the world. The first 10 days when you are unable to drive are the worst, and then it gets better. The sooner you are able to get a DWI lawyer on board to handle your case, the better off you will be. That criminal defense attorney will be able to help you get a limited driving privilege, will connect you to the resources you’ll need for your case, and will defend your rights in court. Seek out the best DWI attorney you can find that has experience trying hundreds of DWI cases in both bench and jury trials. Get someone on your side that can answer your questions, guide you through the process, and set your mind at ease.

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