Freeman Thankyou

Lorrin Freeman emailed her supporters earlier today thanking them, and thanking Boz Zellinger for his service to the people of Wake County as an Assistant District Attorney.

Zellinger ThanksShe announced that Zellinger has endorsed her campaign.

In a gracious post to his Facebook page, Zellinger congratulated “Lorrin Freeman on her hard fought and well-deserved victory. We spoke last night and I expressed that I will help her in any way I can as she moves into the general election. She is a fantastic candidate, and I look forward to helping her and the Democratic Party move forward to win in November.”

John Bryant, the second largest vote-getter, has until May 15 to request a runoff election in the Republican Primary. Jeff Cruden got the highest vote count among the four Republicans, but, given the crowded field, did not clear the 40 percent necessary to secure an outright nomination.

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