Lawyers went to law school usually because they weren’t good at math or science. They often know little about the technology that undergirds the information technology system that dominates the way we find information, communicate with each other, and exchange files.

Not me.

I? got my first computer in 1981, an Apple ][ Plus with 48 kB of RAM and a 5.25 floppy drive. This was a huge step up over my friends computers that used tape cassettes as storage devices. Since that time, I? have had or used almost every computer technology consumers have had access to. Apples, Macs, Modems, early Sun Sparcstations. I? got high speed DSL in 1997. I’ve used every peer to peer technology, and TOR.

The point isn’t simply to list technologies. The point is that the lawyer you hire to handle a child pornography accusation should be intimately familiar with the technologies that run the internet, and should be able to pick apart the government’s claims that you have engaged in unlawful conduct.

Child pornography prosecutions are on the upswing, a product of the new presidential administration. It’s time to hire a lawyer who can handle all facets of your case, and who has beaten these cases time and time again.

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