While Thanksgiving is a time to be spent with family and reflect on things we’re most thankful for, unfortunately, it’s also a time where we see an uptick in certain types of criminal charges. Often when large numbers of family members and friends get together, people enjoy a few drinks and sometimes, an innocent conversation becomes a contentious argument. Thanksgiving week, as well as around Christmas and New Year’s are times when we can higher than normal call volume on DWI’s and domestic violence related assault charges.

Thanksgiving is also a time when the holiday shopping season begins, so we also see an increase in larceny and theft related charges as well.

To all of our clients and friends, enjoy your Thanksgiving. Eat a lot, drink in moderation, and have fun shopping if you’re brave. The Chetson Firm will be open throughout the holiday week, so should you need us for anything, don’t hesitate to call.

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