Unfortunately there are criminals out there… people who will call you on the phone, pretend to be lawyers, or bill collectors, or debt collection agencies, and who attempt to extract information from you.

Sometimes these criminals will pretend to be lawyers or from law offices. Many law offices – including The Chetson Firm – have been victims of these scams, where thieves will pretend to be members of the law firm and try to persuade or threaten people they call into giving up confidential information.

Do not be scammed. Do not be threatened. And do not give out personal information.

We have reported scammers to the North Carolina Attorney General’s office, and cooperate with law enforcement. Unfortunately, we can’t stop criminals from pretending to be lawyers, especially when they use untraceable numbers and may not even live in North Carolina or the United States.

Since our law firm is primarily a criminal defense law firm (although we do also help people with bankruptcies) we will never call anyone to ever collect on a third-party debt. We will never call you to ask you for your social security number. And we will always call from our office phones, not random phone numbers that are untraceable.

If you suspect you’re being scammed, don’t cooperate. And don’t give out personal information.

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Damon Chetson is a Board Certified Specialist in State and Federal Criminal Law. He represents people charged with serious and minor offenses in Raleigh, Wake County, and the Eastern District of North Carolina. Call (919) 352-9411.

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