A few months ago – before the Wake County Sheriff’s Office re-opened the Wake County Detention Center at 3301 Hammond Rd. – I made a video on the basic idea behind surrendering. This is not legal advice, but rather intended to be informative. If you are facing criminal charges or facing an investigation, you should contact a lawyer as soon as possible. The life (and freedom) you save may be your own.

In any case, this video has some information on how to appropriately surrender to authorities. It is a little outdated since surrenders now take place at the Wake County Detention Center, rather than the Public Safety Center in downtown Raleigh. And the First Appearance courtroom has been moved from the jail courtroom, to courtroom 5A in the Wake County Courthouse. First Appearances are now almost exclusively by video monitor.

If you have questions on how to surrender if you’re being investigated by Cary Police, Raleigh Police, or other officers in the area, please call a criminal defense lawyer who focuses on Raleigh cases or Wake County criminal defense.

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