This is pretty ridiculous. Back in October, a court camera caught a Maricopa County (Arizona) sheriff’s deputy stealing documents out of a Defense Attorney’s file in a Phoenix Court Room. What was pretty remarkable was how calm the judge was. The judge should’ve been up off the bench, ordering a return of the documents, and ordering the deputy in contempt, and ordering him out of her court room.

As it was, it took until November for another Maricopa judge to find the sheriff in contempt if he did not apologize to the defense attorney by a certain date. The sheriff’s deputy refused to apologize.

Now the sheriff’s office has turned this into a battle between the sheriff and the judge. Maricopa County’s sheriff office is run by Joe Arpaio, a man with a controversial past. He keeps getting elected because his thuggish tactics get a lot of support in the county.

Now many of the sheriff’s deputies are declaring sick outs, a bomb threat was called into the court house, and so on. It’s time for the judges to stand up and order anyone who behaves in this way out of the courthouse.

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