This article describes a fairly familiar attitude toward plea deals among regular people. Most people view plea deals as concessions to the defendant – basically gifts to the defendant that are undeserved. But as people who are in the Raleigh criminal system understand, a plea deal is a compromise in which both parties give up something.

The defendant gives up his right to a trial. The prosecutor saves valuable time in not having to have a trial in order to reach a conclusion to the case.

Imagine if every single defendant walking into court demanded a trial. Raleigh’s Superior and District Courts would grind to a halt.

One area of the law, however, has in fact been stripped of pleas. And that’s DWIs. And what’s the consequence? The consequence are overburdened District Courts in Wake County, inefficient judicial processes, and unending number of DWI cases that proceed at very slow pace.

All so we don’t have plea deals.

Is that really worth it?

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