If you’ve been accused of a sex offense or rape it’s crucial that you talk to a criminal lawyer in Raleigh, Cary or Apex. The reason is that sex offenses and rapes are very serious crimes. At the most serious, they’re B1 felonies, which means a mandatory minimum of 25 years in prison, and potentially up to life in prison.

The second reason is people accused of sex offenses generally, foolishly implicate themselves when they talk to police. Here’s how it typically goes. A man is accused of a sex offense or rape by a woman or by the parents of a child. He denies the accusation. He is shocked. He wants to go talk to police. The police, however, are most likely to believe the accuser.

If the accuser is a child, then the police and Wake County Child Protective Services have a bias in believing that children never lie. This of course is wrong. Children are often confused, or do lie, or are mistaken about who abused them, accusing an innocent man when another man actually did harm the child.

In a panic trying to prove his innocence, the man will agree to go talk to detectives. This will normally happen over a few weeks, as detectives interview the man repeatedly about the incident. Two things can happen. First, in denying he did anything, the man may make statements that place him in the area where the girl was. In other words, the man way actually admit to being around the girl.

Second, in denying he did anything, each time the man may say slightly different things. That’s natural: most people do not tell the same story exactly the same way each time.

These “inconsistencies” will be used to show that the man was “lying.” And later at trial, the prosecutor will make a big deal about how the man’s story changed over time.

The best way to handle such accusations is to find a sex offense lawyer in Raleigh, Cary or Apex as soon as possible. If you’re contacted by police, the best advice is to tell the police that you are as pleased as can be to talk to them, but your lawyer has asked to be there during the questioning.

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