Sentencing Victory

Guns and Drugs

An 18 month sentence may not seem like a great outcome, but when your client is caught selling multiple fire arms and marijuana to an undercover officer, a year and a half in jail is a truly remarkable outcome. Our client was arrested years ago after police were following up on a string of home invasions and burglaries in the eastern part of the state.

At the same time, our client, who had nothing to do with the burglaries, but was selling stolen firearms that apparently had come from the home, was under investigation for marijuana sales. He was brought in for questioning and, without the advice of a lawyer, he fully confessed to his activity, gave the names of the people who had broken into the homes, and admitted to selling marijuana and selling drugs.

Fast forward 3 years. The federal government, having done nothing with this case, arrest our client earlier this year. But he has nothing to add. The other culprits have either fled, or have already been prosecuted. In the federal system, a sentencing recommendation is prepared for the judge which would’ve had our client serve a minimum of 61 months.

After a sentencing hearing, the judge was persuaded for various reasons that that sentence was far too harsh. He was sentenced to roughly 18 months, and will be out of custody in 2019. A remarkable outcome for man who has turned his life around.

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Damon Chetson

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