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Jefferson Griffin: Proven Conservative

With the primary for both parties on Tuesday, May 6, Jefferson Griffin has the above mailer out noting that he has been endorsed by Republicans Rep. Tom Murry (NC House, District 41), John Odom (Raleigh City Council), and Phil Matthews (Chairman, Wake County Commissioners).

My understanding is that internal polling by one of the Democratic campaigns shows that Jefferson Griffin is leading the Republican Primary.

Griffin’s mailer quotes from Phil Matthews’ endorsement: “Jefferson Griffin has the experience and energy to ensure our community will remain a safe place to raise a family and do business for a long time to come. Please join me in supporting Jefferson in this year’s Republican Primary. I am confident he is the true conservative who will protect your safety and rights.”

Jefferson Griffin has a radio spot up in which he makes a Get Out the Vote pitch for support as a prosecutor who will “punish those who abuse our trust.

In addition, he has a video up that makes a conservative pitch – property rights, gun rights, and privacy rights – in the context of tough prosecution. Griffin talks about his upbringing in rural Nash County, and his commitment to the community.

Jeff Cruden: Experienced Prosecutor

I have not seen a mailer from Jeff Cruden’s campaign, but he has sent out a fundraising letter that also makes a pitch describing his extensive experience as a felony prosecutor in Wake County and his backing by various law enforcement groups.

In addition, his campaign has created this video, “Vote for Experience,” in which Elizabeth Manis describes Cruden’s work in securing a conviction for murder in a case involving the DWI death of Lillian Manis who was killed in 2008 in Raleigh:

Cruden has the best video by any candidate that I’ve seen. Nicely produced, obviously the result of years of prosecuting cases and the result of connecting deeply with victims and families who he’s met as an ADA.

Swaim and Bryant

I have seen no mailers from John Bryant’s or Allen Swaim’s campaigns.

I’ve also seen no videos or radio content from Bryant’s campaign. Allen Swaim makes a customer-service pitch for District Attorney, stressing that “we can do better.”

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