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Repairing FindLaws Bad SEO Work

FindLaw SucksLet’s imagine you’ve paid FindLaw’s confiscatory rates for substandard web design and poor SEO practices.

What can you do?

Your FindLaw problems won’t be easy to fix.

First of all, if you’ve made the mistake of “renting” a website from FindLaw, then leaving FindLaw is going to put you out of business web-wise. A rented website typically is a keyword rich website that focuses on some practice area.

Given how badly FindLaw optimizes its websites and how much it’s been hurt by recent Google algorithm changes, even these keyword rich domain names are suffering. But, because you don’t own the domain name (or website design and content), you are S.O.L.

You’ll need to start from scratch. Finding a good, reputable SEO and webdesign team to help you build a new website is probably your only solution, unless you can roll your own.

In some ways, being the victim of FindLaw’s “renting” of websites is not the worst problem to have because ultimately your only decision is whether you want to continue to pay FindLaw for substandard service and performance. You don’t have to decide about what to do with the domains you retain that have been serviced by FindLaw’s web design and SEO team.

If you’ve had FindLaw manage your domain names and the websites that sit atop them, hopefully these have been built on WordPress and not a proprietary system used only by FindLaw. If so, you may be able to export your content and designs to an inexpensive web hosting service, and begin the process of trying to repair FindLaw’s bad SEO work.

Rebuilding will take some time.

You should consider hiring an SEO company that can focus on getting rid of bad, spamming in-bound links in favor of good, quality links. In addition, you will want to go through the content on your website that you got from FindLaw and scrub it for repetitive material that probably appears on dozens of other websites.

These efforts will take time and money, which is a shame because it’s not like FindLaw was inexpensive. Unfortunately, there’s no quick way to repair the damage.

The other approach may be to simply start from scratch with a new domain name that doesn’t have any of the bad SEO reputation that FindLaw may have saddled your main website with. That is also not a cheap process, as you will be starting from scratch.

But even in a tough SEO climate, I’ve seen lawyer’s websites go from zero to the first page in 8 or 9 months. It depends on how effective you are at creating good, high quality content, and attracting good, inbound links.



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