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Recent Criminal Case Wins

In the past two months, The Chetson Firm has been able to achieve some outstanding results for clients charged with felonies or misdemeanors in North Carolina’s courts. While every case is different and has unique facts, we’ve been able to win outright or drastically reduce punishments in a number of cases.

Accused of Shoplifting, Case Dismissed

In two separate instances, clients were able to complete community service and achieve a complete dismissal of charges and have those charges expunged after being accused of stealing items from department stores in Wake County. Both clients had otherwise perfect records, and, following expungements, will again have completely clean records. Where clients are on green cards, H1B visas, or other kinds of special immigration restrictions, The Chetson Firm is often able to achieve these results while preventing deportation or removal from the country where the person has otherwise favorable circumstances in their case.

Accused of Possession of Drugs, Dismissed

Mr. Chetson forced the State of North Carolina to dismiss charges of misdemeanor possession of Schedule II controlled substances, and misdemeanor possession of paraphernalia (scales and a marijuana pipe), after prosecutors were unable to prove that the search of Mr. Chetson’s client and his bag was legal. Mr. Chetson’s client emerged from court without a criminal conviction, which is potentially eligible for an expungement.

Accused of Embezzlement, Stealing from an Employer

Mr. Chetson was able to persuade prosecutors in several recent cases since February diversion programs. These programs permit people to complete community service (up to 225 hours) and pay restitution. If they complete the programs, the cases are dismissed and they are eligible for expungements.

Accused of Felony Sale of Drugs

In one case, Mr. Chetson negotiated a diversion program allowing the client to complete drug treatment, community service, and return to court for a dismissal of the charges. When the client picked up a second criminal charge during the year for theft, Mr. Chetson was able to win a dismissal of that charge, which enabled the client to complete the diversion program without any problem.

Uncharged crimes and allegations

In several instances, Mr. Chetson has been able in recent months to help his clients avoid criminal charges involving cases of fraud, theft, and hit and run events. In these cases, by securing Mr. Chetson’s services early, clients have been protected throughout the process which in some cases means that police are unable to arrest and charge his clients because police are persuaded that they lack evidence to charge. Such legal advice and protection can often be a lot less expensive than waiting to hire a lawyer only once the person has been arrested.

Disclaimer: Every case is different. The outcomes often depend upon facts unique to your case. No lawyer, including The Chetson Firm, can guarantee an outcome. If you have questions about your particular situation, please contact a criminal defense lawyer about your case. Our lawyers are licensed to practice in North Carolina.



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