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June 21, 2021

What Are the Penalties for Embezzlement?

When you have access to a company’s finances, it’s important to take care with how you handle those funds. A mistake may lead to accusations of embezzlement. 

But whether you make a simple mistake or get into a big misunderstanding, you can be charged with embezzlement in North Carolina. Unfortunately, embezzlement charges can have serious consequences that can impact your life for years or decades. 

Below, the The Chetson Firm team walks you through the penalties for embezzlement in North Carolina and the importance of working with an experienced lawyer. Read on for more information.

Prison Time for Embezzlement

If you’re convicted of embezzlement in North Carolina, you may have a felony on your record and be forced to spend time in prison. But the severity of the charges will determine how many years in prison you may face. 

Punishments for embezzlement convictions can vary, depending on the details of the crime, but you can face at minimum a Class H felony. While there are more severe felony charges, a Class H felony embezzlement charge can still slap you with up to thirty-nine months in prison. That’s more than three years away from your family and your life. 

The most severe cases of embezzlement may lead to a Class C felony charge, which has a maximum sentence of 231 months. Without an embezzlement lawyer on your side working to beat your charge, you may face nearly two decades of prison time. 

Financial Penalties for Embezzlement 

Embezzlement is a financial crime, and you may face harsh financial penalties for it. For example, if you’re convicted, you may have to pay restitution to the victims. These are funds meant to help cover the alleged victims’ losses. 

That can get expensive fast. Embezzlement may involve hundreds of thousands of dollars of lost funds, which you may be held responsible for. That can bury you in debt when you’re already facing a prison sentence. 

Long-Term Impacts of an Embezzlement Conviction 

You may face more than prison time and fines for an embezzlement conviction in North Carolina. If you don’t fight back, you’ll have a felony on your record, which can become a serious problem for you. You may also be unable to expunge this record, meaning it can haunt you from now through the end of your life. 

When you have a criminal record, it can feel impossible to get back to your normal life. Potential employers will see the conviction on a background check, as will banks and some landlords. That limits your opportunities to lead a normal life and support your family. That’s why it’s better to fight back now—before you’re convicted—than to wait.

Avoid Penalties with an Embezzlement Lawyer 

When you’re accused of a criminal offense, you need a strong defense to avoid the penalties that come with a conviction. Without legal help, it can be difficult to avoid an embezzlement conviction that may haunt you for years. 

At The Chetson Firm, we’re here to help you fight back when you’re accused of a serious crime like embezzlement. We have the tools to build the defense your case needs. When you’re ready to work with a trusted criminal defense lawyer, call or text 919-352-9411 or fill out the online contact form below.



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