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April 15, 2021

Raleigh Theft Lawyer

A criminal conviction is something that stays on your record permanently, and charges related to theft are no different. If you’ve been arrested on theft charges in Raleigh, an experienced lawyer can help. 

When the consequences from being convicted of a theft crime include fines, having to pay restitution, probation, or incarceration, it’s important that you take decisive action to ensure that your right to the best legal defense you can get are upheld. Let a Raleigh theft lawyer review your case today. 

Types of Theft Charges in Raleigh

Facing a criminal charge of any kind is always a very serious matter. When it comes to getting arrested for stealing property or items, the value of the items stolen, as well as your relationship to the other party, could determine the severity of the crime and the possible consequences.  

The charges related to theft could be considered either a felony or misdemeanor crime. Some examples of common charges from which a theft lawyer can help you defend yourself include: 

  • Theft or Larceny – Taking or removing the property of another constitutes theft. Generally, misdemeanor theft or larceny charges apply if the value of the items was less than $1,000. In cases above $1,000, the charges could be felonies. 
  • Shoplifting – Defined as taking goods or merchandise from a shop or other business without paying. In some cases, it’s possible to shoplift by accident, and your intentions can be important.
  • Employee Larceny – The act of stealing from your employer. 
  • BurglaryUsing force to enter or entering premises unlawfully with the intention of stealing someone else’s property. 

Many types of petty theft or shoplifting may be tried as misdemeanors, which carry significantly less consequences than felony charges. Ultimately, it comes down to a variety of important factors in your case ranging from your criminal record, your age, and the value of the stolen items. 

What Kinds of Items Are Usually Stolen?

In misdemeanor cases, such as minor shoplifting, the items stolen could be as small and insignificant as a pack of chewing gum or a pen. When it comes to felony charges, however, the value of the goods will be much higher. Some examples of stolen goods in felony theft cases include: 

  • Cars
  • Money
  • Electronics such as TVs, video game consoles, or similar items
  • Luxury clothing or designer items
  • Computers
  • Musical equipment

How a Theft Lawyer in Raleigh Can Help

An experienced theft lawyer in Raleigh can help you construct the most solid legal defense possible based on the facts in your case. Common defenses or explanations that can be used in these types of cases include: 

  • You didn’t intend to steal the alleged items
  • The police failed to read you your rights
  • You were actually authorized to use the items in questions by the owner 

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Facing theft charges? A Raleigh theft lawyer with The Chetson Firm can provide the robust legal defense you need to clear your name. 

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