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Raleigh Sex Lawyer

An accusation that you have sexually assaulted another person needs to be handled with the utmost professionalism, by an experienced lawyer who has successfully handled these cases time and time again.

Do not meet with law enforcement without hiring a sex crimes attorney to help you decide your best approach. Police often say they aren't interested in arresting you. But they are interested in having you commit to a story, or tell them what they want to hear. Don't be fooled: they will be back again.

While you wait, law enforcement investigators will be busy building a case against you. They want to build as strong a case as they can to take to the assistant district attorney who will help them determine the most appropriate sex crime with which to charge you.

We work to stop all that. We sit down with you, in confidence, and develop a set of information to best help you avoid charges. That package of information, which we deliver to the District Attorney during a meeting prior to charging, includes information about your past, your accomplishments, character letters, church activities, volunteer work, and any information about the accuser that would tend to explain why that person would lie about you.

We have successfully handled the following cases:

Indecent liberties
Sexual battery
Prostitution and Solicitation of Prostitution
Online Enticement charges
Possession or distribution of child pornography

In addition, we have defended clients (and won) in state and federal courts in North Carolina.

What is Sexual Battery?

The state of North Carolina defines sexual battery as engaging in any form of sexual contact with another person against their will. Groping, fondling, inappropriate touching can all count as sexual battery. While sexual battery is a misdemeanor, in North Carolina a conviction requires automatic sex offender registry.

First and Second Degree Rape or Sex Offenses

First and second degree sexual offenses carry severe punishments in North Carolina. Generally first degree sex offense involves some sort of threat of violence or force. Second degree rape or sex offense requires that a person is incapacitated, perhaps by alcohol or drugs.

A conviction for 2nd degree sexual offense is a class C felony and carries a punishment of 58 – 73 months in prison. This is defined as engaging in a sexual act against the victim’s will, either by force or due to the victim being mentally disabled or incapacitated, or considered physically helpless. Our 2nd degree sexual offense lawyers are experienced in these difficult and emotional cases. If you are facing sexual offense charges, contact us today.