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July 27, 2021

Raleigh Money Laundering Lawyer

If you’ve been accused of laundering money in Raleigh, you may need assistance while fighting the allegations. Your money laundering lawyer in Raleigh will build a robust legal defense insulating your freedom in the pursuit of acquittal or dismissal of all charges.

Large sums of money can get complex and difficult to deal with quickly. You may have thought you were taking the right steps, but something went wrong. Now, you’re being accused of a crime, and your future is in danger. 

Don’t go to court alone. The lawyers at The Chetson Firm will help you build a successful defense against money laundering accusations. With an experienced Raleigh money laundering lawyer on your side, you have a chance to protect your future and recover from these accusations. 

What Is Money Laundering? 

First, it’s important to understand your charges and how they differ from other Raleigh white collar crimes. Money laundering is the process of cleaning dirty money. Money launderers do this by sending the money through a series of bank transactions. This hides the origin of the funds, which is illegal. 

Penalties for a Raleigh Money Laundering Conviction

So what penalties can you face if you’re accused of money laundering? First, money laundering is a federal crime. That means you won’t be facing North Carolina charges. Your claim will instead go to federal court, which is likely to net you more severe penalties. 

Often, imprisonment is the highest penalty for money laundering, and those convicted of money laundering could face more than a decade in prison. But your charges could also be impacted by the illegal activity involved with laundering money

For example, one of our clients was accused of an interstate trafficking scheme as well as money laundering, involving millions of dollars in losses. Without a lawyer’s help, that client may have faced more severe charges because due to the circumstances involved. 

How a Raleigh Money Laundering Attorney Can Help You

When you’re accused of money laundering in Raleigh, you may need help avoiding a conviction and getting those charges reduced or dropped. Luckily, your money laundering lawyer is here to help. With a track record of success and more than a decade of experience, our firm is prepared to aggressively fight for the results you want. 

When you’re accused of money laundering, your lawyer can start by gathering information and evidence for your case. We then can use that to build a defense and seek the best possible outcome for your case. Then, when necessary, we are prepared to represent you in the courtroom, so you don’t have to worry about preparing for court on your own. 

Contact a Money Laundering Lawyer in Raleigh

Accused of laundering money? At The Chetson Firm, we know those charges can hurt your future, making it tough to get your life under control again. Luckily, your Raleigh money laundering lawyer will work diligently to clear your name. 

When you need a strong defense and representation in the courtroom, we’re here for you. Start with a free consultation by calling 919-352-9411 or by completing the online contact form below. 



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