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July 27, 2021

Raleigh Juvenile Defense Lawyer

Being charged with a crime is a frightening experience, regardless of your age. Juvenile offenders can face major consequences, which is why consulting a juvenile defense lawyer in Raleigh is so important.

The impact of a conviction in juvenile court can follow your child into their adult life, but taking swift action to provide your child with the best legal representation possible can make all the difference. If your child has been accused of a crime, don’t wait until it’s too late—a Raleigh juvenile defense lawyer can help them secure the best possible outcome. 

When Juveniles Can Be Tried as Adult Offenders

There are some big differences between the juvenile court system and the adult criminal justice system. A major difference involves the type of punishments that are given in the juvenile system. 

Juvenile detention centers focus on rehabilitation through education and other intervention programs focused on the needs of adolescents. The adult criminal justice system, for better or worse, is focused more on punishment. 

That’s why when your child’s case is settled in the juvenile system, where it belongs. In some cases, however, even juveniles can be tried as adults. In North Carolina, the two factors that determine if a child can be tried as an adult are age and the severity of the crime. 

If your child is 16 or 17 and facing major charges, it’s important that you consult a juvenile defense lawyer as soon as possible to ensure that your child’s case is not transferred to the adult criminal justice system.  

Consequences of a Juvenile Criminal Conviction 

Most children facing juvenile charges are accused of committing minor crimes. Some common examples include underage drinking, simple possession of drugs or paraphernalia, assault related to fighting, or school-related misconduct. 

When your child is tried for a crime, there will usually be some kind of evaluation from the juvenile court. These courts may rely on professionals, such as counselors, to determine whether or not a court-intervention is the proper course of action. 

A variety of factors, such as your child’s criminal record and the involvement of your attorney, could lead the court to dismiss the case. If not, some potential consequences include: 

  • Sentencing to a juvenile detention center
  • Court-ordered probation
  • Other programs, such as community service or diversion programs

Of course, the personal consequences of a juvenile criminal conviction can extend into adulthood, impacting your child’s ability to get into colleges, find a job, or even find a place to live. They may lose friends or experience emotional trauma. 

The various consequences of a juvenile criminal record compel make taking action to avoid conviction before it’s too late vital. 

Contact a Juvenile Defense Lawyer in Raleigh

When your child is facing a juvenile criminal charge, it’s essential that you let a Raleigh juvenile defense lawyer review their case. An experienced attorney from The Chetson Firm can help your child move forward, and protect their future. 

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