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Raleigh Federal Lawyer

With nearly a decade of experience handling some of the most complicated federal cases in North Carolina, Damon Chetson provides unparalleled representation in the federal courts of the Eastern, Middle and Western Districts of North Carolina.

Specialist in Federal Criminal Law

Mr. Chetson has successfully represented clients at the trial, and sentencing levels, and on appeal.  He has helped divert clients from criminal prosecution through effective Grand Jury representation and during the investigative stages.

Mr. Chetson has handled some of the most serious federal cases in recent history in the Fourth Circuit:

  1. Kidnapping - a multistate case involving the abduction of a prosecutor's father
  2. Bribery & Corruption - prosecution of more than a dozen county deputies in an FBI sting operation
  3. Mail- and Wire-Fraud Conspiracies
  4. Multi-million dollar Medicaid fraud schemes
  5. Tax Fraud - Identity theft and tax avoidance schemes
  6. RICO - Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations prosecutions of high-level gang members
  7. Immigration Fraud
  8. Drug Trafficking - International and interstate cocaine, heroin, marijuana, PCP, and methamphetamine charges.
  9. Lacey Act Violations - Investigations into the mislabeling of seafood sold to national retailers.
  10. 924(c) and 922(g) - firearms offenses

Mr. Chetson has defended clients who have gone to trial, recently securing a not guilty result in a case in which a client was charged with theft of a firearm, and has secured outstanding results in cases involving client cooperation - 5K1.1, 3553(e) and "safety valve" relief - in complex and multi-defendant conspiracies.